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Returns are the fruits of a company. To thrive, these fruits need a healthy trunk on which to grow and prosper.

Senata as the holding is that trunk for the individual companies.

We turn all our attention on being able to detect market developments early on, so that we can then act according to the newly defined needs. However, flexibility, short and clear decision-making processes are only possible in companies with the corresponding lean structures as they exist in senata.

Independence is our top priority in every regard.
We value close partnerships with banks, customers, and suppliers, yet avoid dependencies.

These are the basic economic conditions and the foundation for continuous, healthy, and sustainable growth.

Speed and not size is the stated aim.

Action instead of reaction! is the moto for all.

The overview of the company's participations is updated on a daily basis, and the cooperation with the managing directors of the associated companies is based on trust, because humanity and ethics are top priorities – not only on the management level.

The senata group wants to ensure its excellent position on the market for high-quality and sophisticated composite fiber applications, including in the future. This is why we carry out intensive research and development work in the areas of material, technology, and application in the various companies.

The experts in the individual companies cooperate closely in order to promote the optimization, further development, and supplementation of group technologies and to identify and develop new technologies with a promising future and install them in the senata companies.


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