THERMODET® ABS Plastic-Sheets

Composite sheets of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) are characterized by a good and even respectively excellent impact resistance, also at low temperatures. Sheets of ABS dispose of a good heat and chemical resistance, excellent thermoforming properties and varied application possibilities.

Detailed description:


A.1 THERMODET® ABS impact resistant

Sheets of impact resistant ABS with semi-gloss surface.


Examples for application:
case covers, suitcases, heating covers, transportation trays

A.2 THERMODET® ABS high impact resistant

Sheets of high impact resistant ABS with semi-gloss surface.


Examples for application:
tuning parts, tool boxes, instrument boxes, automobile parts


Sheets of impact resistant or high impact resistant ABS with a matt surface and a variable gloss level (semi-matt to super-matt).


Examples for application:
automotive interior parts, tuning parts, case covers

A.4 THERMODET® ABS fire retardant UL94-V0

Sheets of impact resistant or high impact resistant ABS-compound with specific fire protection equipment are available with a semi-gloss to matt surface (e.g. UL94-V0).


Examples for application:
lightning covers, electronic parts

A.5 THERMODET® ABS special

Sheets of impact resistant or high impact resistant ABS are additionally available with an increased heat resistance, UV-stabilization or corona treatment.


Examples for application:

automotive parts, printing sector

A.6 THERMODET® ABS EL (conductive)

Sheets of impact resistant conductive ABS-compound with a conductive surface.


Examples for application:
installation and transportation pallets

A.7 THERMODET® ABS Recycling

Sheets of ABS are recyclable and can be re-used as recycling or processing material in different ways.


Examples for application:
installation and transportation pallets

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