Special Products

THERMODET® Special Products

On request MITRAS MATERIALS also manufactures special products with specific properties according to customers' requests, such as the following listed products and finishes:

Detailed description:


F.1 THERMODET® Film lamination

Sheets of ABS, ABS+PC-Blend or HIPS, laminated with matt or glossy decorative films for different applications. Different decorative design films on request, also with embossed surface.


Examples for application:
tuning parts, roof cases, caravan interior parts, door panels


F.5 THERMODET® Marking colour stripe

Sheets of ABS or HIPS which are marked with a colour stripe for a better identification of thermoformed parts of every type.


Examples for application:
vessel technique, transportation trays



Sheets of ABS+PC-Blend with different gloss levels of the surface, increased heat resistance and an excellent impact resistance. On request also as co-extrusion with PMMA or ASA.


Examples for application:

utility vehicles, automotive parts

THERMODET® Special products
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